Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Keep them doggies rolling
Move ’em on, head’ em up
Head ’em up, move’ em on
Move ’em on, head’ em up

The last few weeks have been busy moving ’em on ..

Our handsome gentleman, Kreutzer Farms Boyd, has served as flock sire for three years at Patchwork.  His quality lambs, along with his manners, made him an especially hard one to part with – and wasn’t he a pretty baby!.

Another pretty baby that moved on this month was Canoe Lake Comet (shown here as a lamb with his dam, Blue Ewe Blazing Star).

They grew up nicely..

Both left us with bred ewes and offspring.  It seems strange to be ramless this time of year, but that will change soon with the arrival of our three new rams at SAFF.

While I was busy moving ’em on, I found myself with an empty sheep carrier. Never one to waste an empty space (I think there is a law against it or so I tell Dave), I decided to move ’em in, returning from Perfect Spot Farm  with the lovely deerlike Blue Ewe Alicia..

Her sire, Spahr Farm Sheffield,  is among my favorite lines, being a son of the very striking Puddleduck Sir James

and a maternal half brother to Spahr Farm Lorraine, dam of one of my best producers, Patchwork Viva

I miss my good boys.. but am looking forward to my new boys arriving soon.


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