Amazing Great Meeting

Also known as the JSBA AGM (also known as the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association Annual General Meeting) was held in Brighton, CO last weekend. A big thank you to Jennifer and Brian Tucker of Moose Mtn Ranch for putting together such a great gathering. We had sheep either coming from or going to Georgia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, California, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado – and I may have missed a state or two.

Right to left – Jennifer Tucker with Moose Mtn Alberta, Brian Tucker with Moose Mtn Alaska, Royal Unzicker with Unzicker Rosalind. I’ve got to give Royal a big thank you for bringing my two new rams back for me.

I only got one picture of Kenleigh’s Casanova at AGM (just a head shot), but Shannon at Kenleigh Acres got some pictures just before he was loaded up for his 1700 mile trip to Colorado (and then on to PA). Love this boy! Great fleece, horns and markings!

Brian was kind enough to hold Moose Mtn Hawk so I could get a good picture of him. Another handsome boy! with a nicely crimped fleece, well set horns, and all the right markings.

AGM was busy!

I don’t know what Jennifer and her ewe were looking at, but it sure looks interesting!

I spent Sunday with my sister, Kathy, who spends the summers in Fort Collins. We left Brighton and went to look at more sheep.. the flock at Broken O (that’s Melodie’s mother in the middle) owned by Mickey Ramirez and John Pierson

Guarded by Little Chief..

It was a great pleasure for me to finally meet Janine Fenton of the Maverick/Rockies flocks (along with Diane Fagerberg) in person while at Mickey and John’s. When I had a ram failed for forward horns back in my early days, Janine was the inspector chair. Her kindness, patience with my numerous questions, and willingness to share her insights and experiences meant so much to me.  Not to mention a photo she sent me probably 15  years ago (wish I could find it) of her ewe flock which has always been an inspiration to me.  Janine and Mickey …

After leaving the Broken O, Kathy and I drove to the Horsetooth Reservoir. Because of the smoke from the Colorado fires, I didn’t get to see much of the high peaks, but the foothills of Colorado are still quite impressive.

After touring the reservoir, we went to see yet more sheep!

These amazing sculptures were found at the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland.

A goatherd watches his herd of Nubians..

While wolves watch

My sister, Kathy, wrestles a moose

But I find it a nice place to just sit

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked at AGM. It was so busy and I spent alot of time visiting with old friends, seeing old friends in person for the first time, and meeting new friends.
You’ll find more at:

Kenleigh Acres
Mud Ranch
Meridian Jacobs


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  1. Another Great Masterpiece of writing about Jacobs and their people! Thanks for the post, Linda.

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