Sunday – for lack of a better title

Have you ever noticed that things seem to break in waves? After finally deciding that the budget would allow me a trip to the JSBA AGM, I bought my plane ticket.  Then things started to break. Nothing major – my watch, the power supply for one of my monitors, the kitchen faucet, the washing machine (well, that might be major), and the autofocus broke on my 18-55mm EF-S lens. According to youtube videos, it’s an easy repair requiring only a $7 part, six screwdrivers, the removal of 41 microscopic screws, uncoupling (and correctly recoupling) 4,000 or so cables – and the replacement of the 40 (oops, I lost one) microscopic screws. I decided to attempt a repair sometime in the future – if ever. It does still focus on manual.  My old Fuji digital camera is still awaiting reassembly after I took it apart six years ago. I located a reasonably priced used 35-105 EF lens to carry with me to AGM. It has limitations, but I like the build of the EF as opposed to the EF-S .  I didn’t realize how much I’d gotten to depend on an image stabilized lens and it’s hard having a minimum focus length of 3′.  But, I’ve still had some fun taking pictures

Tanner – heading out

Sisters – Badger and Macaroon. Badger has light gold eyes. They are so pretty.
Macaroon has marbled blue eyes.

Badger also has a neat and tidy undocked, perfect length Jacob Sheep tail. She’s rather proud of it, but she does tend to have a rather high opinion of herself.

Sam does what he does best – he watches over his flock.

Charles does what he does best – he hams it up for the camera!

The ram lambs are busy at their lawn mowing job. It’s what they do best 🙂


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One Response to Sunday – for lack of a better title

  1. elayne says:

    I love these pictures whatever you used to take them it is a brilliant job.

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