That one???

Gallivant was the most asked after lamb of 2012.

Twinky was the most asked about lamb of 2008, but it was a different question. “You’re keeping that one?”!

Twinky was the last daughter of my matriarch, Craft’s Ruby’s Belle. I had pretty high hopes for RubyBelle’s last lambs. Even I had to admit that cute was the highest accolade I could come up with for Twinky at birth . If you look closely, you can see that she does have a small lip spot and the right eye does have a very tiny eye ring.  She was originally to be named Patchwork Ruby’s Bella, but somehow Twinky just seemed to fit. I confess to occasional bouts of barn blindness, but even I knew this was one silly looking lamb.

She started to mature a little and began to exhibit a rather nice presence and a promising fleece.  I started to think she might become a decent ewe despite being a little light in the facial markings department. Still cute, but starting to be more than cute…

As she matured, she moved past cute to being a wonderful fleece provider.

As well as a producer of quality lambs.

not to mention having four strong and well spaced horns .. and a charming attitude.

(note.. you can see how the pigment has darkened on her nose. This is what usually happens)

So, why did I keep “that one”? I love her bloodlines, her fleece, her horns, her offspring and I think she’s cute :D.


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4 Responses to That one???

  1. LauraSue says:

    I love this post. While I’m blown away by your knowledge, expertise, and great farming skillz, I just love that “cute” still has its place. Thanks so much. This made my day.

  2. Patrice Lynne Young says:

    There’s always room for sentiment – and if “offspring” were not cute, our parents would chuck us out at the first tantrum…

    Cute is now beautiful.

  3. she did grow into herself very nicely…. good instincts, Linda!

  4. Kim says:

    She’s still cute!

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