What I saw this week..

A doe and  a young buck from the living room window.

A baby bear. And a mama bear, but I didn’t get a picture of the mama bear. I saw the cub a couple of days ago in our driveway about 100 ft from the house when I was driving over to the other barn to feed. I turned around to tell Dave to keep the dogs in. When I went back up the driveway, I saw mama bear rounding up her cub. Today I just saw the cub up at the end of the drive and had my camera ready. I didn’t see mama, but the neighbors did – she was on their front porch! Edited to add – further investigation reveals that bear wasn’t actually on the porch.

I saw other things too. Maybe not quite as dramatic, but just as exciting…

Bartram’s fleece.

Bling’s horns.


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