The New Guys (and a gal)

Because it’s just too hot here in Georgia to do much more than what has to be done (and I have a “bug”), my post with updated Patchwork lamb pictures is on hold until the heat eases up and my stomach settles abit.

The sheep are comfortable with lots of shady spots and cool water diverted from the creek that runs constantly. They are comfortable, but not really in their ‘runway’ modes for photos and I’m sure not in a photographer mode, or a cooking mode, a dish washing mode, or even a moving mode – it’s hot!

Since my friends in cooler climes (or maybe they just have more energy than I do this week) have been kind enough to send pictures of Patchwork’s coming attractions, I’m going to sit here in front of the fan and share pictures that someone else braved the heat to take.

Kenleigh’s Casanova from Shannon and Tony Phifer at Kenleigh Acres in Dexter, OR was on my wish list as soon as I heard that Windy Acres MacCallum was going to be a flock sire at Kenleigh Acres. You might recognize Mac from his picture in the JSBA brochure. I wanted a four horned ram and I chose three ewes that I liked best to be the mother of my new flock sire but was open to other options.  As it worked out, Mac started out siring four horned ewes and two horned rams. My favorite ewes were due later. Rae Ann disappointed me (but only me)  with two lovely four horned ewes. Kenleigh’s Azera came through with twin four horned ram lambs. It didn’t take long before I had my eye on Casanova. As we all know, ram lambs can go from fantastic to freezer rather quickly. This guy has stayed fantastic.

I hope he will be as nice as his daddy

Jennifer and Brian Tucker from Moose Mtn Ranch in Bennett, CO have some wonderful old lilac lines. Lillywold Job and my old boy Jacquee’s Junco share a granddam. It worked out this year that I can add a ram from Moose Mtn and I jumped at the chance. Hawk is a four horned lilac ram lamb with old lines that have worked well for me.  He recently garnered GC ram in the classic breeds show at Estes Park. I had reserved him before then – I am not a show breeder – but I have to admit I’m going to mention it 🙂 What I really love on both Hawk and Casanova are those tops horns set back and those laterals sweeping out, correct conformation, nice fleeces, excellent markings 🙂

Because I just can’t seem to stop adding ewes – and the complete monitored scrapie program is over this year anyway (so I’ll never be certified)- I had to grab up this pretty lilac girl, Cold Valley Loretta,  from Carl Fredericks & Becky Rehl at Cold Valley Farm in Mt Horeb, WI. The Cold Valley flock has the chocolate lilac color I prefer as well as nice color retention and strong ewe horns.

Pictures of our homebred additions coming when the temp drop below 95 🙂


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2 Responses to The New Guys (and a gal)

  1. Cold Valley Farm says:

    After 3 days of 100 degree temps, Loretta is coming to you acclimated to southern conditions! Thanks for the link to our website.

  2. it’s always a learning experience to see the animals you select and read why you like them. Thanks!

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