Why Don’t You Love Me

like you used to do?

my hair is still curly

and my eyes are still blue

So why don’t you love me like you used to do?

Someone asked me if I’d be willing to do critiques on my flock – why I selected and kept a particular sheep. What I liked and what I didn’t.Β  I’m willing, but it’s a rather overwhelming project right now, so I’m going to start with a ram lamb that didn’t make the cut.

Few thingsΒ  have as much potential as a young lamb. The possibilities are endless for a lamb with nice markings and a nice birth fleece.
Gallivant was the most asked about ram lamb. He had potential!

So what happened?
Gallivant is freckled, which is sadly disappointing as neither parent is freckled. Gallivant has a slight eyelid notch. It’s slight enough that I really have to pull up his eyelid to see it. I don’t normally cull for such a slight notch, but it is something I consider. Gallivant had not yet jumped all the way to a wax paper future.

As his lateral horns have moved back, his path to the freezer has moved forward

Lower (lateral) horns that grow into the face, cheek or neck are not desirable per the JSBA standard as well as posing a potential (potential isn’t always positive!) for being a threat to the animal’s well being.

Gallivant’s horns take such a drastic backwards turn that the tips are not visible from the front.
Horns can change so drastically, it’s a definite nail biting time watching the lambs develop. Raising Jacobs is full of promises and potential and sometimes disappointment, but it’s always exciting and fulfilling.

It’s not all disappointment.
Bristol is looking good

So is Pearson

Dashiell’s horns are well spaced with widely swept laterals and tops set well back – he’s a favorite..

Bartram’s horns have potential!!

Murphy has perfectly balanced horns and is a great fleece WETHER potential


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6 Responses to Why Don’t You Love Me

  1. Sara B says:

    Interesting! I love learning about culling for the best traits, and the pictures are so helpful.
    I’m hoping Lacey’s next lamb is a girl! πŸ™‚

  2. Patrice Lynne Young says:

    I’m just happy not to have been born a ram. I’ve hideous markings and a nasty temperament…

    I still crave Thai… πŸ™‚

  3. Great post! Gallivant’s horns are interesting, there are so many things you can’t see in pictures πŸ™‚ Pearson and Bristol are current favorites.

  4. Murphy’s horns are quite interesting! They are all beautiful!!
    Does notching always coincide with white dipping down into black eye patches?

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