Updates and never enough time and halos

Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down and write a blog post. I’ve found that I’m more prone to just post a few pictures to Facebook when I don’t have much time. But then I neglect my blog. I like my blog better. And I like my website better for presenting my sheep. 

And I like other people’s  websites better than Facebook for presenting their sheep. It’s where I go to shop.

Today I don’t have time to write a long blog or to organize alot of photos. I’m working like crazy to finish a custom rug order. The rug started out with Dorothy the cat knocking down the lid on the washer while the fleece was soaking, sending the washer into full wash and rinse cycle. Not good, but salvageable with extra time.

So – just a few bits and pieces here today.

The lovely Lorelei was born with what is called an “angel fleece” due to the well defined halo. Jacobs are often born with this sort of fleece.

It does shed – Lorelei at two months…

Pearson (in the front) is displaying a very promising wide horn sweep with excellent symmetry . Murphy (in the back) is also displaying very symmetrical horns – just not in a desirable pattern (although acceptable) for a ram. You can easily see why this pattern is called “crab claw” (or lobster claw – I’m a Florida native where the lobsters have little pincers and the stone crabs have claws)

And speaking of halos.. Sam, the Livestock Guardian Dog, deserves one! He is definitely a guardian angel.


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2 Responses to Updates and never enough time and halos

  1. Shadow Mountain Jacobs Farm says:

    I like websites better than FB also. I wish more people kept them up to date with pictures and information. That’s a great example of what a wonderful fleece can look early on. Your LGD is larger than your sheep, and beautiful.

  2. Patrice Lynne Young says:

    Everything looks so green and serene… All of your lambs appear to be outstanding. So many rams! If they were humans, the old saying was that it was a portent of war to come. Lucky for them they are sheep!

    I despair of our luncheon. I’m back at work on “light duty.” Sigh.

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