Boy, Another Boy, Oh Boy

Oh boy, can’t believe it’s been 17 days since my last blog. Things have been busy since then. 9 more lambs brought the 2012 lambing season to a close on April 15.

At the last blog post, we were at 15 lambs – 5 ewes and 9 rams.

Next ewe to lamb was Nicollette, presenting a long, leggy, lilac, lady (couldn’t resist the alliteration) lamb on March 31 sired by Comet.
Patchwork Georgia – 4 horned blue eyes

Vesta followed on April 2 with twin boys, sired by Comet. Running out of ram names this year, they were originally named Boy and Another Boy.  They have since been renamed
Patchwork Cadet – 4 horn

and Patchwork Commander – 4 horn

Hoping to change the run of ram lambs, Stacia’s twins by Boyd were prenamed Stella and Bethany. Circumstances necessitated a rethink and renaming when they were born on April 4.
Patchwork Stella Bartram – 4 horn

and Patchwork Bethany Abram – 4 horn

Kayleigh presented the real Bethany (sired by Comet) later that day
Patchwork Bethany – 4 horned lilac ewe

Along with Jordan – 4 horned lilac ram

Lambing wasn’t quite over. Stay tuned.


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