The new additions

Lambing continues…

This year I bought a cheap audio baby monitor so I could ease drop on the ewes during the night.  Overall, I’d say it was worth the $14.99. There are a few drawbacks. Placing the receiver next to the bed surrounds you with the sounds of chewing and burping all night. Vesta scratches between her horns on the ends of the livestock panel lambing jugs.  Melodie has a serious dislike for one particular 2 x 4 in the barn. The barn is not a peaceful place! Moving the receiver to the next room worked well to filter out the noises I didn’t need to hear.

Monday night was a quiet night – nothing going on. Turns out I had the monitor set to the wrong channel. Something big was happening 😀

When I saw Gallivant Tuesday morning with his mother, Lacey, my first thought was she’d stolen someone else’s lamb. He’s a big boy! Sired by Boyd, Gallivant gets his bright blue eyes from both parents.

Twinky followed the next day with another 4 horn ram sired by Boyd – Meet Cruiser

Despite my thoughts that Sasha just couldn’t go another day, she went two more days before delivering the “Flash and Dash Twins” sired by Boyd.

Patchwork Dashiell – four horned ram – is all legs!

Patchwork Dazzle – 4 horned ewe.

Kayleigh continues to grow in anticipation of April lambs.


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3 Responses to The new additions

  1. sara says:

    Lacey’s lamb is gorgeous! She looks like a great mamma. 🙂

  2. I do think Kayleigh is glaring at you for taking/posting that photo 😉 Love all of the babies, but Gallivant really grabs me…very handsome!

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