to our newest Patchwork ladies.

Patchwork Flair

and Patchwork Serena.
born 3/9 to Broken O Melodie and sired by Kreutzer Farms Boyd. This cross produced so well last year I had to repeat the breeding. Once again, the cross proved to a good one.

The fleeces are just what I like in my birth fleeces – long curls open enough that pink skin shows through.

As pleased as I am with these two girls, I can’t say that we got off to a good start this year. On Feb 26, I went to pick up Macaroon and bring her home to lamb to find the LGD guarding a dead lamb, keeping all the sheep including Macaroon away. I have gone over every possible scenario in my head as to what might have happened.  I’ve kicked myself over and over again and finally have just had to realize that I’ll never know what happened. I am thankful that Macaroon is over mourning her lamb and that she dried up well with no udder damage.

  And thankful for our new girls, who entered the world at a run!

More lambs should arrive in the next few days, with the majority of the lambs coming after the 19th.  Kayleigh is one of the later ones due.

I can imagine what she’s thinking!


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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. farmgirlarts says:

    So sad about your loss.
    Those are pretty little girls!

  2. Patrice Lynne Young says:

    So sad to lose one and not know – but so wonderful to have new twin girls.

    I just knew our postponed lunch had run into lambing! Ah well – gives me something to look forward to. I’m still hobbling but trying. See you soon…

  3. Very pretty girls! Poor Kayleigh, I think you need to make her a pillow 🙂

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