It’s been a cold weekend – 16 degrees this morning! But at least the 30/40 mph wind gusts passed by without leaving trees down and we had sunshine today.

It was a good day to spend inside – finishing up an 800 yard handspun yarn order and catching up on my website projects.. lambs at Red Gate in SC and Ivy Brook Meadow in PA….a handsome ram just listed for sale at Perfect Spot in NC.. and a general update for Maple Hill Farm in VT

Seeing everyone’s new lambs sure makes me anxious for own lambs, but we have a few weeks to go.

Macaroon always looks so big! That’s partly because she is a small ewe – smaller than Bling, a 2010 lamb – and partly because she just never regained her girlish figure after her first lambing.  A small ewe producing normal sized lambs just has so much room 🙂

Macaroon spent time with Patchwork Piper before he left for New York.

With clean up by Kreutzer Farms Boyd.

If Macaroon lambs before 3/14 (that’s 149 days – it could be a few days longer) it’s a Piper lamb. After 3/20, it’s Boyd’s. What do you think?


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