You’re never too old

You’re never too old to play…

I don’t know if it was the warm weather (high 50’s today) or the sunshine (hooray!) or the yearling ewes just knew I wanted to see some lambs playing after reading the lamb race post at Kenleigh Acres but my yearling ewes were in a playful mood this evening. One of the things I love about Jacob Sheep is they never seem to lose their playful spirits.

Bling is a little on the chubby side. I was sure surprised to see how high she can jump!

Annie and Twill in synchronized jumping

Layla can sure buck!

Wonder if Macaroon is thinking about lambs?


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7 Responses to You’re never too old

  1. Jackie Paunil says:

    I just wanted tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. I have been searching for info to help prepare me for my single Jacab ewe’s lambing. I’m very excited to find your flock.
    There is a lot about sheep, but not so much specifically about the Jacobs.
    If I may, do you dock tails? If so, do you use bands or have the equipment to cut? I’m trying to figure out what is best overall. I have the bands, but not sure if that’s okay for docking tails.
    Keep writing! I’m loving the pictures too! Fantastic “happy” shots!

    • Hello Jackie,

      I do currently dock tails. There were years when I didn’t and I still have three ewes with undocked tails. They keep their tails very neat. I do bands.
      Thanks for your nice comments!

  2. jennifer bauman says:

    Those are great shots. I’m glad you caught them in the act. Spring is in the air??

  3. Wheee – happy sheeps šŸ˜€

  4. Awesome shots! I love watching the older girls run and jump and kick up their heels. I love the one of Bling šŸ™‚

  5. farmgirlarts says:

    Great post!!
    I’m finding that Shetlands are quite playful, too. My two Jacob wethers and my 3 Shetland ewes run around and around and butt heads and buck. I’m often laughing out loud and my neighbors just can’t believe it!

  6. Patrice Lynne Young says:

    I remember when I could jump like that…. NOT!

    Great action photos! Who says sheep are placid and lugubrious?

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