Today – a post about nothing

I wanted to do a blog post. But I wanted to gather a little more information for the post I have in the works. And I didn’t have time to do that today.  We had a beautiful sunny day (rare for this winter) and bringing in more lime and sand for the newly cleaned barn was the absolute top priority. It looks so nice now!

I saw this guy when I was turning my van around to head over to Sam’s Barn. He (she?) is just beautiful I had to get a picture. I love the blue around his eyes and I especially love the fact that he has a shadow. Yeah, sunshine!

Our indoor lounge lizard works to get his pillows just right.

Sunshine and blue skies!!

I love Nicollette’s fleece.

Today – a post about nothing..


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3 Responses to Today – a post about nothing

  1. Love both of the lizards 🙂 Glad the sun came out for you to get the barn cleaned, it always feels so good!

  2. mudranch says:

    That lizard photo is tack sharp!! Wow!

  3. farmgirlarts says:

    Wow! I love the lizard! The detail in that photo is incredible!
    I’m glad for sunshine too, for you and for me!

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