Moving out

The sheep that live over at “Sam’s Barn” have been confined up front for a few days. A potential hazard when you have cleared pasture in the middle of woods is the chance of trees falling on the fences during heavy periods of rain or wind.

They are always happy to hear the rattle of the gate chain..

As befits his role as flock protector, Sam leads the way..

And his girls follow..

Charles comes along to help me check the fenceline

taking a minute to pose on the old corn crib

The ewes enjoy their time out back, but are ready to come running for grain!


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5 Responses to Moving out

  1. Pam says:

    I love animals playing follow the leader….so cute! Our goats and cat’s used to do the same thing! 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunningly clear photos!!

  3. Beautiful shot of Charles! The sheep look very happy to be out. I have always wanted more trees on our property, but haven’t thought of the cons of having too many trees.

    • I now know why most pasture lands have a group of trees in the middle of the pasture if they have any trees. We had a windstorm here a few years ago. It blew 40 to 60 mph all day. You couldn’t hear anything except the wind. Trees took down one perimeter fence on every paddock. The ewes were safe in the barn, but the rams were off playing in the forest when I finally ventured out. Trees everywhere!

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