Because it’s going to be a later lambing season than usual, lambing is  not yet right around the corner here at Patchwork. Because I’m already eagerly anticipating lambs even with so long to wait. Because I’m still limping around and spending too much time inside.
And because I was slipping Patchwork Martha a little extra treat today as befits her position as “the old lady”, I decided to do a picture post about Martha.

Martha was born on Washington’s birthday in 2001 (her twin was named George) She was sired by Yakob-Tson Zeppo, a ram from Edd Bissell, and out of Craft’s Ruby’s Belle.

Martha is ten this year.

Earlier Days

Some Martha lambs…

Patchwork Isabelle (by Unzicker Asher)

Gainsborough (wethered ) by Jacquee’s Junco

Patchwork Hagan (by Kreutzer Farms Abe). Hagan sired some nice lambs for us.

Patchwork Belle (by Unzicker Jedd)

Patchwork Marabelle (by Unzicker Jedd)

Patchwork Paladin (by 4Horn Farm’s Dune)

Martha is bred to Kreutzer Farms Boyd for a 2012 lamb.




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One Response to Martha

  1. farmgirlarts says:

    This is a nice post. It’s good to see history of one productive ewe like this. Thanks.
    So I’m guessing that you’ve spun up all of last year’s fleeces and are awaiting the next shearing as well? 😉

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