Rainy Days and Mondays…

don’t always get me down, despite the wailings of Richard and Karen. I like rainy days (well, until it gets to be the fourth or fifth rainy day in a row) and, with no schedule, Monday is another day in a rotation of days.

Today was both a Monday and a rainy day, with 4″ of rain in the gauge at 7 pm. Outside chores were completed with no lingering. Sheep were fed and checked, but no scratches today for my walking sponges!

It was a good day for inside and a good day for color.

Tucked under the Supercard table is a large rubbermaid container filled with bits of dyed fiber. It was a good day to rest my still sore ankle by sitting on my loom bench, feeding bits of fiber through my PG Supercard (it’s electric), and watching Waking the Dead on Netflix.

A big pile of jumbled colors is slowly being rolled into bird’s nest batts..

The batts will later be used for further blending. Some going into textured yarns

and some serving to compliment Dorothy the Cat’s color blends.



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4 Responses to Rainy Days and Mondays…

  1. What lovely colours and yarn! Those batts look so scrumptious and soft, what a lucky kitty.

  2. farmgirlarts says:

    Your studio is SO neat and organized compared to mine. I wish you lived closer and could help me! LOL!

  3. farmgirlarts says:

    Great Post. Beautiful colors. Glad you weren’t snorkling.
    I love that movie, Waking the Dead, if it’s the one about a dead guy in Ireland or Scotland whose death is used to collect money. Hilarious!!

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