The Letter M

by Dorothy The Cat

M is for Monday. As a cat, I have no interest in days of the week, but Person grocery shops on Mondays and brings Me More Morsels to eat. And leaves Me alone with the computer and the Mouse (not the tasty kind of Mouse). I don’t get to use the computer Much.

M is for Meridian Rusty,  a border collie who has his own blog. I want my own blog. As a Cat, I am Much More interesting than a dog.

M is for Maggie and Mouth

M is for Mutt

But, Mostly, M is for ME!



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4 Responses to The Letter M

  1. mudranch says:

    Dorothy, I’m a fan. Not only do you share a name with my dearest grandma, not to mention your beautiful, you’re very witty. I think that while your Person creates your own blog, she ought to make you your own facebook page, while she’s at it.

  2. Alina says:

    Magnificent, Mother!!

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