There’s no place like home…..

SAFF 2011 is over and it sure was fun!

Cathy Robinson (Perfect Spot Farm) and I shared a booth again this year. Our booth actually goes beyond the table. If you look closely, you can see Cathy’s head. We rearranged everything the next day, but I didn’t get updated pictures.

One of the most fun at SAFF this year was the number of Jacob Sheep and Jacob Sheep breeders that attended.

We had our largest entries in the Jacob classes ever. There were thirteen entries in the ram lamb class. We usually have to beg to get the two entries we need to keep our classes.

Springrock Muck, owned and bred by Springrock Farms won the ram lamb class and was Grand Champion Jacob ram.

The ewe lamb class was well filled.

Puddleduck Elyse, bred by Puddleduck Farm and owned by Royal and Sue Unzicker atΒ  Ivy Brook Meadow, won the ewe lamb class and Grand Champion Jacob ewe.

This young man took a bit of an unexpected tumble in the yearling ewe class

But recovered nicely πŸ™‚

It was my year for “twos”. I came home with a “new” two harness vertical rug weaving loom.. Thanks to Dave for making a special trip to come pick it up and to Joe, Dan, and Royal for helping to load it.

Never one to waste an empty sheep carrier, I filled it for the trip home with this lovely two horned beauty – Sweetgrass Gavotte..

It was a fun filled (and exhausting) four days. When it came time to head for home, I wish I could have just clicked my ruby slippers Dave’s red bedroom slipper and chanted “there’s no place like home”.

There’s no place like home…


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6 Responses to There’s no place like home…..

  1. Great post, great photos, great SAFF! Can’t wait until next year!

  2. Wonderful photos Linda. I especially enjoy seeing pictures of the kids with Jacob sheep. It’s always fun to come home with new sheep and goodies you got from the shows and I’m happy that your foot let you enjoy yourself.

  3. Great pictures, I love the last one! Your new girl is very pretty and it looks like you are going to have fun with your new loom.

  4. LauraSue says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello and ask about your foot, but once fleeces start arriving I’m very much stuck in the Fleece Show. So what level of begging would be required in order to get some Jacob breeders to put some fleeces in the Show?

  5. Great post Linda! You take such wonderful photos. Seems that Jacobs were the second most plentiful breed at SAFF this year.

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