Fortunate Fortune, Lubberly Linda, and Dave To The Rescue

Fortune went for her two week check up and to have her splint changed this morning. I’d planned to handle it myself. But once again, “Dave To The Rescue” stayed  home from work to help me. I couldn’t quite handle Fortune and crutches at the same time.

Fortune’s healing is progressing very well. The vet and I are  pleased.  Her knee joint is still mobile and she is healing rapidly. There still could be some loss of flexibility in the knee, but probably not complete loss – and maybe no loss. She has gotten quite spoiled during her two weeks confinement. She was quite charming at the vet’s.

After returning Fortune to the barn, it was my turn to make a trip to a medical professional. Dave has often asked me “why do you keep wearing those worn out slick bottom shoes? You’re always sliding down the hill.” Not always, but often enough with the wet leaves, mud, and acorns. It’s a bit like barefoot skiing and normally results in nothing more than a bit of an upright slide and an occasional landing on my butt which is well enough padded that no damage is done.  I don’t like shopping for clothes or shoes. I will wear a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans that I like until there is no tread left on the shoes and very little thread left on the jeans. And then I replace them with the exact same styles because I don’t like to shop (well, I love to shop for fiber related things, sheep, cameras, computer software – just not clothes). I don’t like tying shoe laces, so I tend to seldom wear shoes with laces, so I don’t wear my work boots often. I will from now on! Sunday morning started with me setting things up to make feeding easier for Dave while I’m at SAFF this weekend. I didn’t get far with my preparations, but I did  get far down the hill before severely spraining my ankle.  The walk back up the hill was not fun!

My splint isn’t anywhere as pretty as Fortune’s. My ankle is not broken, but is a very severe sprain and the doctor says it will take as long to heal as a break and I need to keep the weight off for at least a week. I’ll do my best, but with SAFF this weekend, I think I’ll be doing a little hobbling.  I used a bit of the rug weight felt I just got back from Pufpaff’s to fashion a cushion for my heel under the splint. It makes all the difference between not being able to support any weight at all and being able to hobble. (just in case you ever need to hobble).

It’s been a long day for “Dave To The Rescue”. He deserves a beer 🙂


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9 Responses to Fortunate Fortune, Lubberly Linda, and Dave To The Rescue

  1. Sorry about the double posting. I didn’t see it at the TOP of the page. Used to them being at the bottom.

  2. Crumby timing for a sprained ankle. Maybe we’ll dote on you at SAFF. 🙂
    See ya there!

  3. Very bad timing for a sprained ankle! Maybe we’ll dote on you a bit at SAFF. 🙂
    See ya there.

  4. Gregory Cate says:

    Is there not some mountain herb, or root to advance the healing process? ha. Dave is a wise man. He’s questioning your boot selection comes from experience I’m sure. Most importantly, what you were wearing are called BOTTOM shoes not side of the hill shoes. lol, Heal quickly Linda. Love ya’ll.

  5. jennifer bauman says:

    oh, Linda, I’m so sorry! What a bummer! Take lots of advil and maybe you can hobble around SAFF decently.. You could start wearing those golfing shoes to go up and down the hill? I guess Dave will have to pick up the slack all week. He’ll need another beer! That is a great picture of him. I love it

  6. Kristen says:

    I hope you both mend quickly. If you like, all us SAFF-goers could decorate your cast.

  7. What a great pic of Dave, Linda! Glad you’re in good spirits. See you soon.

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