Wordless Wednesday

It’s the yearly rush to get ready for SAFF and time for blogging is hard to schedule.  But, I have taken some pictures and don’t want you to forget me, so..
some ramblings around the farm…

Fortune (4Horn Farms Dune x Patchwork Nicollette) is my favorite lamb of the year – even if she is two horned!

A walk to the mailbox (manual focus with fill in flash – I love fill in flash!) …

Doesn’t this one look like Kilroy?

The rams are loving this cooler weather, but they have to wait a few more weeks until they are introduced to the girls. Boyd and Comet..

A big dog needs a big stick ..

OKAY – so it wasn’t wordless. It’s not Wednesday either 🙂


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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Alina says:

    Yep, like her with the big stick. That is definately ONE BIG STICK. You know – I had no idea it wasn’t Wednesday until you told me.

  2. Great!
    Back in the 70’s I used to draw that Kilroy thing in all my notebooks. He had his fingers of one hand in a peace sign.
    Love your dog with the big stick! See ya soon!

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