Some History..

I love the history and background of our Jacobs.

and I love Patchwork Badger – she’s just a good ewe.

Her dam, St. Jude’s Janice, arrived here from St. Jude’s farm inTexas in 2001. Her fleece quality was listed as 5 (with 5 being the best) in the sale catalog. And it was!

Janice was the offspring of two of the Rockies/Maverick core flock. Pictures and descriptions used with permission from Janine Fenton.

Catalog description:

Maverick Sega:
Horns: Stunning/terrific. Wide sweep and 2nd curl. High lift. All black.
Fleece: Beautiful, fine. No freckling.
A virgin ram. White legs. Beautiful, fine face. Nice triangular, primitive head.
Out of our first ewe, Sara (
Linda’s note – that’s Puddleduck Sara) who has always been with us. She has the best maternal instincts that we have encountered. His sire (Linda’s note – Canberra’s Striking Laddie) is very out-crossed and had a super fine fleece.
This ram was kept due to his sire’s fleece, dam’s instincts & and because he’s eye catching.

Janice’s dam….

Catalog description:

A triplet! An exceptionally lovely ewe with great presence! She look similar to her sire, a Weavers Wool ram (Linda’s note – Weaver’s Wool Sam) we agreed to take, sight unseen, since the owner was terminally ill and couldn’t bear for his pal “Jake” to go to auction. He arrived with almost 2 year’s worth of wool on him, and although matted, was incredibly soft, highly lustrous with beautiful, consistent, open crimp and no kemp. Jacqueline has a stunning wide 2-H sweep (all black) with a gorgeous face, large eye patches, muzzle, and toe patches, with large circle spots. Her dam always showed freckling when newly shorn, but not in the fiber. Jacqueline’s Fieldwood dam we named “Coyote” (Linda’s note – Fieldwood 9236) since Susanna (Linda’s note – Susanna Davy) had lost this ewe’s dam and twin to coyotes with this ewe being the only survivor. Jacqueline is an outstanding mother with high milk production. This ewe belongs in a serious breeder’s program!


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