A Busy Day in the Neighborhood…

The goldfinches came to eat the sunflower seeds..

joined by the hummingbirds..

The sassafras berries were ripe this week. It took about an hour for three pileated woodpeckers to eat every single berry!

The trees were full of blue jays for a brief period one day this week. I love blue jays!  They have such a wide communicative range.

From the back porch, we saw this stately doe yesterday (that’s our reservoir in the background)

With her were two others – not quite as bold. One I never did see except for a flash of red through the trees…

This one looked around from behind my fiber shed. If you look closely you can see what is left of the fawn spots


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1 Response to A Busy Day in the Neighborhood…

  1. Love all of the photos! My parents have pileated woodpeckers at their house and they are pretty impressive to see in person.

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