I have a great post all ready to go about my new sheep with pictures and thoughts  on some old sheep. All set to get the last picture I needed yesterday, I got to the barn to find my camera battery was dead.  Maybe tomorrow for that “something blue” photo.

For today…

There are currently two Jacob Sheep related online raffles going on.

The Jacob Sheep Breeders Association is once again holding an online raffle to raise money for the Annual General Meeting. This year’s meeting will be held in Dexter, Oregon August 26-28. Even if you can’t attend, you can participate in the JSBA raffle.

Another raffle is being held to raise money to support Tay Sachs research. Complete information can be found by following the link.


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One Response to Raffles

  1. Linda,
    Thanks for mentioning the Tay-Sachs raffle. Just followed you here from the referral on my blog and realized that you had done this. Mighty awesome and very appreciated!

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