And now we wait..

Like most shepherds, my wait for spring lambs begins many months before breeding begins in October. There are pedigrees to peruse, sheep to be evaluated with a ruthless eye before breeding pairs are considered, ram lambs to watch as they mature from cute baby lambs with “potential”  into, hopefully, breeding quality animals.

A shorter wait – just 9 to 10 weeks,  but almost as exciting is the wait to see what happens from this event…

Dave came across this box turtle and called me to see.  Neither of us has ever seen a turtle lay eggs, but since I don’t think that turtles are like cats in digging holes for latrines, egg laying seemed a good guess.

and we were right!

the depth of the burrow was deeper than I would have thought she could dig. She laid five eggs.

She’s finished laying and she begins the slow process of burying her eggs. She sure can stretch her legs out there!

We’ve marked the burrow and will keep an eye on it in the hopes of seeing the newborns emerge. Even if we miss that event, it was special to see the beginning of new turtle life.

Another reptilian visitor was not so welcome!

every animal has its place, but copperheads need to find a place other than my front deck!


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5 Responses to And now we wait..

  1. Alina says:

    Did you ever get to see baby turtles?

    • No :(. One day there was a tiny tunnel coming up from the nest. A few days later, we dug up the nest and found it full of empty shells. I wish I could have seen the parade of little tiny turtles.

  2. What a great spotting! Can’t wait for baby pics :-). The snake now…not so much.

  3. That is really special! I will be waiting anxiously for pictures of baby turtles 🙂 The picture of the snake makes me thankful that we have ‘small’ snakes here and are the safe kind!

  4. Wow, that must have been so special to watch! Neat that you were able to share the moment with your husband and also be able to catch it on film to share with your readers!

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