There’s an off-color joke that takes place at a revival meeting. Participants stand and confess their sins and are forgiven amid joyous shouts. Ezekiel stands and confesses a rather, shall I say, unconventional sin. I will leave that to your imagination. A quiet falls over the congregation. Finally, the preacher says “Ezekiel, I don’t think I would have shared that.”

No, I’m not about to confess my sins , but I did think long about sharing. Since I’ve always believed it’s important to show pictures of all my flock and all lambs and since I appreciate those breeders that do the same, I couldn’t do less than present….

Shish (that wasn’t the first thing I said, but it’s close!)

And Kabob

Scrumptious blue eyes, beautiful easily sorted yummy fleeces, delicious, appetizing, tasty and abit unexpected.


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4 Responses to Ezekiel..

  1. I answered my question when I read your blog. At least it will be easy to separate the white from the black!

  2. Cheryl Terrano says:

    Thanks for sharing Linda. I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE about sharing photos and information. Knowledge is indeed power. The fleece onthese lambs is gorgeous, looks like ink, jet black ink. Wow! I love It!

  3. jennifer bauman says:

    I had to laugh, sorry. Davis thought it was a Holstein sheep. Oh, well, he’s cute!

  4. They are adorable 😉 Thanks for sharing! I would be tempted to keep them until their first shearing, lol.

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