Little Mac and Big Mouth

I was a little nervous awaiting the delivery of Macaroon’s lambs by Patchwork Gabriel. She was looking rather large~~~~

~~~and she is a rather small ewe.  In 2008, she scared me when I came out to find her in the process of delivering a tail, which is not the normal way for lambs to enter the world. That delivery ended up well. After a very minor manipulation by me (and a great deal of vasoline), a healthy ewe lamb was born.  She has delivered without incident 3 other times, but I still wanted to watch the birth this year.

Macaroon went and found her spot in the barn and easily delivered twins on Wednesday night. Everything was fine – until the ewe lamb opened her mouth!! “Look at me! I am born!!!!” I have never heard a voice like that on a newborn lamb.

After watching the lambs nurse, I went to bed  – and got up three times to the sound of “lovely” Melba exercising her lungs.  I felt sure that she was being swallowed by a coyote! But, she was just making sure that everyone knew that she was here.

Her brother, Barley, is quiet and polite.

Macaroon’s lambs weighed ~6 and 7 lbs – quite normal weights for Jacob lambs.  Because Mac is rather small, what is a normal ‘baby belly’ on a larger ewe looks like quads on her small frame. She is hardy and tough and quite at ease delivering another lovely set of twins for Patchwork.

Maybe I’ll give her a few extra treats this week.  Her friendly personality is another reason she tends to put on a little extra weight 🙂


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