Melodie and Boyd

moving right along with lambing number 10 – 8 sets of twins, 2 singles – 6 rams, 12 ewes (as of 3/18)

Five months ago,  Broken O Melodie and Kreutzer Farms Boyd spent some time together

Yesterday we got to see the results..

I love the fleeces on these lambs! Piper, two horned ram on the left, and Harper, four horned ewe on the left.

Piper is named after his uncle, Broken O Piper. I hope he matures to be as striking!

Sasha lambed today, which leaves with 5 ewes left to lamb.  Macaroon is still growing..


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5 Responses to Melodie and Boyd

  1. Kathe says:

    I really enjoyed your site, since I haven’t lambed in 5 years…what wonderful memories, I can fully relate. thanks

  2. That picture of Macaroon made me laugh out loud! She looks like a pile of meringue!
    Seriously, though, I also remember something about how uncomfortable she is.

  3. Broken O Piper is very handsome! A very nice boy to be named after. I agree…poor Mac. It will be very interesting to see what she has.

  4. Both lambs are very pretty. Poor Mac looks like she might be as wide as she is tall. Hope she lambs soon.

  5. Sweet lambs, Linda. My goodness, Mac looks ready to burst!

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