Holly and Dune

and a ps to Vesta and Boyd. This is so uneventful that I didn’t bother to add it to Vesta’s post, but decided the fact that it was uneventful made it interesting. Vesta’s first born, Delta, was born backwards with the hind feet presenting first. There is no reason for panic or assistance (unless something else is a problem) with this presentation. This is quite a different matter from breech where the tail and butt present first and assistance is needed and panic is optional.

Hillside Holly has the type of voice where she always sounds like she’s in labor. She is loud when she’s just wondering what happened to dinner.   I keep the pregnant ewes in an area close to the house at night.  When Holly is in labor, she is LOUD in capital letters. There was no question at 11:30 Sunday night that Holly was in the process of delivering a lamb. I got there just in time to see

this pretty four horned lilac ewe enter the world at 11:50 Sunday evening. Her name is Holly’s Sunday.

A little later – Monday morning, her sister followed. Her sister was a little chilled, so I felt it was prudent to give her an sq injection of 20% dextrose and bundle her up abit..

She fit quite nicely in a sock!! and is quite nice without her sock (barefoot?) Her name is Holly’s Monday


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2 Responses to Holly and Dune

  1. Sally says:

    A very pretty pair! Liked the sock idea – I found sleeves from old sweaters worked well too …supporting the “never throw away anything that might be useful” philosophy that seems to have some downsides when it comes time to pick up and move 🙂

  2. Love their names. How nice of Holly to tell you that she was lambing so you could know they were born on different days 🙂

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