Vesta and Boyd

Pleasant Run Vesta followed closely behind Kayleigh on Saturday with the first lambs sired by Kreutzer Farms Boyd. Twin four horned ewes.

We also got 6.5 inches of rain over the weekend, so I decided to continue with ‘water’ names (Kayleigh’s Sinclair and Tallulah are named after a lake and a river in Georgia)

Brook has my favorite facial markings – a typical Jacob panda face with a full muzzle patch, symmetrical eye patches, with separation between the muzzle and eye markings — and just to keep it from getting TOO perfect – a wayward slash of color under one eye.

Delta is a fuzzy baby, with a heavy halo of protective guard hairs over a loosely crimped fleece that you have to look close to see. She’ll lose the halo in a few months.

Brook, proud mom Vesta, Delta and the welcome sight of the grass greening up for spring.


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