Nicollette and Dune

Sometimes you don’t need to get close to know it’s a two horned ram.
Niklas took a little time to emerge and entered with a bright yellow stain. Nicollette works hard to get him cleaned up. She continued to clean while delivering Niklas’ twin sister

Niklas was patient

But he was hungry..

“hey sis, can you hurry it up back there!”

“Finally! Dinner!”

Niklas –   lilac/white two horned ram

Fortune – lilac/white four? (I think) horned ewe (I’m sure about that part)


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2 Responses to Nicollette and Dune

  1. I bet you are thrilled with the nice markings that Dune is providing! Very nice and very healthy looking lambs.

  2. Love the pictures and commentary 🙂 What a sweet boy to wait patiently! I always feel so bad for the girls when they are in labor and they have a lamb poking them everywhere! Pretty babies!

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