Heather and Dune

Sweetgrass Heather 2 and 4Horn Farm’s Dune got together to create this pair of four horned lilac ewe lambs, born 2/23. I believe one of these girls just might stay here!


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6 Responses to Heather and Dune

  1. Toni Tidwell says:

    How lovely!! I would be so tempted to get one of them!!

  2. Both are pretty girls. I’m partial to the darker one.

  3. mudranch says:

    I’m with Shannon, I like the lighter one. So cute! But then, to my JSBA shame, I am a sucker for pink noses. 😉 Congrats!

  4. Thank you :). Heather had twin ewes last year, Brielle and Quinn.

  5. They are both very cute, but I love the lighter one 🙂 Hasn’t Heather had ram lambs for the last two years?

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