Ladies in Waiting

Macaroon is not the only ewe that is ballooning as due dates near.

Nicollette is losing her girlish figure. I didn’t see her bred and I didn’t ink her ram, Dune. She is one of the three that I’m totally guessing on a due date.  Today is 145 days from the time I introduced Dune and Ryan to their girls. Gabriel and Boyd went in 17 days later. I’m not expecting lambs for another two weeks, but Nicollette might fool me.

Lucinda – the youngest of the pregnant ewes has just the beginning of her baby bump.  She still seems like such a baby herself, it’s hard to realize that she is a two year old. Also hard to realize that there is still snow in some places.

Just abit over 3 weeks until Vesta delivers.

Badger is the first ewe in line – due to lamb on February 25 (unless Nicollette or Heather sneaks in). So much for relying on ink marks! Healthy twins born 2/18 Badger exhibits what is often considered a primitive Jacob trait. She sheds her belly wool. You can see a bare spot on her belly and wool hanging.  I can’t really tell you if this really is a primitive trait or not. All my Spahr Farm ewes shed their belly wool, but I also had a meat breed cross ewe that did the same thing. Jacob Sheep do not shed wool except on the belly – any other shedding is not a Jacob trait. Badger is a friendly ewe and I admit that I tidied up her belly a little by pulling off the messiest lengths of wool. She got tired of me fussing with her …

and finally told me to buzz off.

Can’t forget the “boys in waiting”. They helped 🙂


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6 Responses to Ladies in Waiting

  1. Lacey is definitely a sweetie! I just checked her this morning and she is pregnant due around the end of March.

  2. Sara Brunney says:

    How’s Miss Lacey doing? I sure miss her sweet face!

  3. Badger as a verb “To harass or pester persistently”. She’s my only bottle baby Jacob and she can be quite persistent. But she does have her sire’s laid back personality, so isn’t too bad. When I lead the sheep out back to graze, she will stand with me until I leave and only then will she go graze. I’m very happy she matured into such a nice ewe, as she’d be a hard one to get rid of she had turned out to be a cull.

  4. I like Badger, even if she tells you to buzz off. How did she get her name? It’s amazing to see how fast those lambs grow in the last 4-6 weeks.

  5. All of the ladies look great…can’t wait to see your lambs. Ryan is still a favorite – love his smile 🙂

  6. Loved this, Linda! Thanks for sharing….:)

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