Little Big Man – oops Mac

or more accurately,  Big Little Mac…

Patchwork Macaroon is a tiny little ewe. She’s not a mini-Jacob, she’s a miniscule Jacob.  She is the last lamb of the prolific Craft’s Praline. When she’s pregnant, she always looks like she’s carrying sextuplets. There’s not much room in my little girl.  She has a little more than a month to go and has the barest evidence of an udder. But, I’m guessing she caught during her visit with Gabriel.

During our recent heavy snowfall (quite unusual for our part of the country), Mac was literally belly deep in snow. Of course, she is just a bit lower to the ground than most of the ewes with her short legs and her big belly.

Despite her small size, she is a big producer.

Patchwork Nicollette

Patchwork Oreo

Patchwork Macgyver

Lambing will start here this month!


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8 Responses to Little Big Man – oops Mac

  1. Rob says:

    I love this line. So much so we had to add a “cookie” to our flock. I am proud to be the shepherd/friend of Oreo. She is so curious and always the first to see what I might have for a snack. She has a young daughter of her own named Springerle after the german biscuit.

  2. Oh, dear . . . She looks like a sheep version of ME while pregnant! Bless her pretty little heart. Hang in there girl! I agree with Mary on seeing a shorn photo.

  3. She still has a month to go??? I would love to see a pic of her shorn before she delivers if you will have one. She is sure a pretty girl. Yes, my hope is for twins only.

  4. She is adorable 😉 I can just see her lugging that belly through the snow! I will keep my fingers crossed for nice sized twins.

  5. We have no grass at all right now.I swoon looking at the pictures of Shannon’s grass 😀
    We had an unusual heavy snowfall here, but it’s gone now. Just mud now.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your 2011 Jacob lambs.

  6. Peggy says:


    As I look at your pics and Shannon’s pics one thing comes to mind “green grass” not belly deep in snow. Doesn’t look like we will have that for a while even thou the groundhog said it will be a early spring. Weather report states we are going to have another round this weekend and then again Tuesday. It seems to be right on time every week. Ugh!!!
    Still no Jacob lambs only CVM. I have no idea what those Jacob ram’s were thinking, obviously they should take some pointers from my CVM rams. LOL

  7. OMG!!!! That doesn’t look possible! And uncomfortably lopsided. She seems to have a good outlook, though. Wow!

    • She’s actually evenly big on both sides – it’s the angle of the shot that makes it look lopsided. She always gets huge. I have my fingers crossed for small twins and not one big lamb. She and her sister, Badger, have their sire’s very laid back personalities.

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