Sheep Dog? Dog Sheep?

I really enjoy the chance to see sheep dogs working at herding sheep..

They are amazing animals.  I don’t have a sheep herding dog. But, I have….wait for it…

a dog herding sheep – really.

For awhile I was getting concerned about Springrock Stacia’s interactions with Sam. She used to butt him quite often. She seemed to do it only when I went over to the barn to feed. She’s quite the attention hog and I’m not really sure if she wanted to keep him away from me, was thinking of protecting her dinner, or just didn’t like him. I know now she was just training him.

“Time to move out, big guy.”

“move along”

“Haw! Go that way.”

“Atta boy, keep on moving”

“Good doggy”.

At which point Stacia comes in for her dinner.


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4 Responses to Sheep Dog? Dog Sheep?

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Our poor Border Collie Sara is great with goats but somehow became afraid of sheep. That picture montage of the sheep training the dog is wonderful.

  2. I’ve got a couple Jacobs – Elizabeth, Ford – and Woolliam who regularly “train” on Hank. Poor dog…

  3. I guess she wants to make sure Sam doesn’t eat her food. Hilarious! great photos, too.

  4. It looks like Sam has become a sheep broke dog 😉 What a good boy to listen so well!

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