Playing Cards

Or …. Carding PlaysOr just getting batty.

I love to drum card fiber. I don’t always card fiber because I’m working towards a finished yarn or a felting project. Sometimes I card just to watch the process. I really need to get a life.

My current projects for customers include:

Spinning 1800 yards of lovely silvery gray Jacob yarn for this sweater from the book A Fine Fleece (I wish I could knit well enough to tackle something like this!)

Spinning a gorgeous Icelandic fleece. I’m separating the tog and thel by combing and spinning a soft fingering weight yarn with the thel (undercoat on the left) and worsted weight with the tog (outercoat on the right).  Love the color of this fleece!

And a locker hooked chair pad using Jacob Sheep wool:

I love the natural colors. I do. But there are days when I feel the need for a little color. Especially today when there wasn’t much in the way of color outside.

The ‘big guy’ of my carding stable is my Patrick Green Supercard. It’s really not all that dangerous!

This afternoon was a carding play day..

Red and yellow make orange, especially striking when the yellow is mohair

Teal and fuschia

(with a bit of yellow mohair still left on the drum) make

Fuchsia and blue


Mixing all the batts gives a jewel toned yarn that I love. From a distance the colors merge, but a close shows up the distinct colors. I call this color “bright brown”


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4 Responses to Playing Cards

  1. Sherry Nichols says:

    GORGEOUS !! I wish I was as gifted. Too busy cleaning toilets, and cooking to do anything fun. Can toilet cleaning be considered gifted ? ha

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for the before and after pics :-).

  3. Wonderfully beautiful and inspiring! Are they machine or hand spun?

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