New Girls and an Old Dog

It’s been raining ever since my return from SAFF. We really need the rain and I’m not complaining at all. Makes it a little hard to get pictures, but I managed a quick trip between showers to photograph one of the new girls.

Springrock Stacia (bide a wee Gerald x Springrock Stella) comes to Patchwork Farm from Molly Baker at Springrock Farm in Tennessee. She’s a pretty girl with a sweet personality.

FarmGirl’s Eloise (Byland’s Jericho x Blue Ewe Dixie) comes to us from Laura Frazier at FarmGirl’s Farm in North Carolina. Another pretty girl with a lovely fleece and personality.  I got to meet Eloise at SAFF and she’ll be coming home on Sunday.

I’m really pleased to add these two fine four horned ewe lambs to my flock. Both bring new bloodlines, strong horns, and excellent fleeces.

Thank you Laura and Molly!

Sam, the old dog loves this cooler weather…

Sam is 11 , oops – he’s only 7 – and getting a little elderly for a Great Pyrenees. The extreme heat of last summer was hard on him, but with the return of cooler weather, he’s a puppy again.

Good boy, Sam!


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3 Responses to New Girls and an Old Dog

  1. Stacia is pretty enough to be a painting 🙂

    The shedding is probably from leaning over a hay feeder or something similar. I see it on ewe lambs that stick their heads through the fence to get the greener grass that is always on the other side. It’s from rubbing on something.

  2. Mary Tonkin says:

    Pretty new girls. Both have really great horn spacing. What made Stacia shed her neck wool like that?

  3. mudranch says:

    That first photo of Stacia, I only scrolled down to her brisket level and thought it was a painting! 🙂 The block in the background and her face and fleece really looked amazing there for a minute… Then the straw blew it. 😉 Beautiful ewes Linda. Congrats!

    PS: Could be that my eyes are still fuzzy from just waking up too… And no coffee yet. 😉

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