Jacob Sheep at SAFF 2010

Another year at SAFF! It was fun and frantic.

I loaded Paris and Sarah in the van, along with displays, roving, yarn, batts, rugs, and, and, and. Seems like there is always one more thing to squeeze in the van. Thursday I met up with a very nice couple from Tennessee, Don and Sallie, who were kind enough to deliver Springrock Stacia  (for me), Springrock Josie and Springrock Mona Lisa (on their way to Never Winter Farm) from Molly Baker. Molly had said her sheep were pretty wild and I had visions of chasing them around the barn, but the unloading was uneventful and the girls settled in nicely at SAFF. Stacia is willing for me to touch her as she eats (but not really up for cuddling) today.

Cathy Robinson, of Perfect Spot Farm, arrived early afternoon and we got busy setting up our booth. For two years our booth has been 16 x 12. This year, it was 14 x 14. It took a little while to reorganize our displays and thoughts to accommodate the change, but it worked out well, I think..

In 2008, SAFF was gracious enough to add Jacob Sheep breed classes in the sheep show. I have to confess, I’m not particularly interested in showing, but I love how SAFF promotes our breed and I love seeing the Jacobs that attend.

This pretty girl, shown by Noah Frazier, is FarmGirl’s Eloise (Byland’s Jericho x Blue Ewe Dixie) won the Jr. Jacob ewe lamb class. Eloise is coming to Patchwork 🙂 from Farm Girl

Part of the fun of SAFF is visiting…. Noah and Laura Frazier with FarmGirl’s Eloise and Wiggle Hill Diva

A great big thank you to the area breeders that came and supported the show. We ended up with no one to photograph the ewe class because we are all showing! Thank you to Laura’s friend, Melissa, for photographing the class. Elke and Ted Spirakis, from Wellspring Farm, me with Patchwork Sarah, my good friend, Jenny Bennett from Harmony Wool Alpacas was kind enough to show Patchwork Paris for me. Laura Frazier follows with Wiggle Hill Diva, Noah Frazier with FarmGirl’s Eloise, Zachary Staines with Never Winter Parfait, and Shari Staines with Never Winter Lamb Chop (lamb chop? – she’s much too nice 🙂 for a lamb chop)

Jenny had fun showing Paris. Jenny has been quite successful showing Bloodhounds, Bull Mastiffs, horses, alpacas, and Giant/German Angora rabbits (we met at the Knoxville rabbit show where her Giant went Best in Show), but she had never shown a sheep. Now she has 🙂

Zachary Staines won the ewe lamb class with his pretty girl, Never Winter Parfait.

followed by Patchwork Sarah, Never Winter Lamb Chop, Wiggle Hill Diva, and Wellspring ?Zorra?

Elizabeth Strub from HobbyKnob Farm also showed Jacobs.

Because of the demands of the vendor booth, I didn’t see any of the rest of the show and have not yet heard the results. I hope someone else will fill in the blanks.


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4 Responses to Jacob Sheep at SAFF 2010

  1. Jenny Bennett says:

    That was GREAT! Thank you for letting me show Miss Paris! I know you did that on purpose. Now I really do NEED a little jacob lammy….

  2. Mary Tonkin says:

    Great pictures of both people and sheep. Your booth looks great and I like those posters you have at your booth. Lamb chop, ouch…

  3. Great photos! Zachary is rarely caught with a smile. How cute. We had a great time!

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