Moving, not moving, moving right along and hardly moving..

For some reason, I felt that I really wanted to self host my blog. I wanted to be able to add tables (which I’ve since found out I can do with plain old and am now wondering why I wanted to do that in the first place) and add a few plug-ins and frills. Self hosting is

First, I paid $12 to have my old posts forwarded to my new Then I had to export my posts and then had to move all my widgets. And update about seven zillion other things.

SAFF is next week and I’m currently stuck between moving right along, spinning in circles (literally – as in spinning more yarn and figuratively – as in getting nowhere – like a dog chasing his tail or as in spinning around until you get so dizzy you fall down) and hardly moving at all.

So, back again to stay at for now taking advantage of’s excellent refund policy.


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