The next generation..

Nothing to do with the post title, but logs are like posts and I just liked this picture.

It’s not just the sheep and the shepherd that are planning ahead to the next generation.. (if you don’t like spiders – scroll down – cat picture at the end – I love spiders)

This busy spiderella has been working on building cozy incubators for her offspring – thousands of spiderettes awaiting spring to hatch

Ivy couldn’t care less about spiders.  Hey, Ivy, look at the spiders!! No way.


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2 Responses to The next generation..

  1. Ivy is one the log barn cats, along with Bella. Charles is the red barn cat. Dorothy rules the rest of the universe 🙂

  2. Alina says:

    I don’t mind PICTURES of spiders, just don’t like the see the real thing up that close. I do have a soft spot though for the little furry jumping spiders….as a matter of fact there is a little cutie on my front door right now hanging out and eating box-elder bugs!! Who is Ivy?

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