Home Again..

I am still whirling from an amazing trip to New Jersey (and still amazed that I would think a trip to New Jersey would be on my list of amazing adventures). I attended the 2010 Jacob Sheep Breeders Association Annual General Meeting.

My flight from Asheville, NC was uneventful. I like flying. I don’t like riding in a vehicle in city traffic, so I wasn’t happy to find out that flight 3162 (or somesuch number) on a Continental Bus was really on a bus.  Downtown Newark is lovely this time of year – at least I guess it is. I didn’t look out the window for the first half hour. I arrived at the Allentown PA airport without incidence and Royal was there to pick me up. That trip took a little longer than normal as we drove around trying to miss the heavy traffic. I was fine with that until Royal asked me where we were – huh? The first of three episodes of getting lost with three different “local” drivers. I got to see a lot of the area 🙂

Royal and Sue Unzicker are the most gracious hosts ever with a lovely farm and home. Thursday night part of the Oregon crew, Shannon Phifer and Karen Lobb were over for supper. It was great to finally “meet” people I’ve known for so long.

Friday morning .. setting up… Charlie Kreutzer and Royal Unzicker

Adult ram class judged by Ingrid Painter

There were more sheep than sheep owners at the show, so everyone was roped in to show sheep. There were 58 Jacobs!

Some sheep literally danced to the show ring.. like this girl from Sweetgrass Jacobs

Others decided to say a little prayer before the class…like this handsome boy who went home with Shannon

Some seasoned show animals just couldn’t stay awake…

And some … well, what can I say…

I just loved this pretty four horned ewe from Byeburn Farm

and I loved the AGM, visiting everyone and seeing so many Jacob Sheep from all over..

And I loved coming home..


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1 Response to Home Again..

  1. Sara Brunney says:

    Beautiful view from the plane! Looks like it was a lot of fun. 🙂

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