Blog Often

According to

“Ten important things I’ve learned about blogging” (I love Ree’s blog – it’s just good fun – check it out if you haven’t yet. )

“#2 blog often”

and ten more things (yes, ten more – check it out) which you’ll need to check out for yourself, as I’m currently in a drug induced haze and can’t remember them all. Not recreational drugs by any stretch of the definition.

Although I knew this, I forgot in a rush to get some more fiber to the mill in Clarkesville where I picked up this wonderful roving

that I am really sensitive to the dust in raw alpaca.  Going through my stash of unwashed alpaca the week before AGM might not have been the wisest choice.  The antibiotics are working and I can almost talk and my nose is hardly running at all anymore, although it is still bright red.  Oh, I remembered another  from the Pioneer Woman -” #7. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.”

I’m pretty sure it’s not from playing with Rebecca, the llama

although she is pretty dusty

She and Maggie get along pretty well over the fence.  Maggie loved it when Rebecca spit at her. Maggie has disgusting food tastes. She’s not as bad as Dave’s dog that would tuck a donkey dropping in his cheek to smuggle it into the house and then hide it under a pillow. Great Danes are not sneaky. They just come in and put a donkey dropping at your feet and say “look what I have! Giggle, giggle”

The Pioneer Woman says #3 Be Varied

And since tomorrow would have been my mother’s 84th birthday and I just found this picture taken shortly before she passed – one of the last pictures I have of her, I’m going to add it. This picture was taken in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mom was there with my sister, but returned to her home town of Sarasota before she passed. There was something going on at local furniture store where they had baby tigers. Mom loved having the chance to bottle feed a baby tiger.

From the Pioneer Woman #5. Allow your boundaries to set themselves naturally.

And a comment from Charles

Why aren’t you talking about me?


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