Just another day…

Nothing really exciting happening today. Lots of sunshine and low humidity after 5″!! of rain on Saturday, so a good day to get a batch of fleece washed. This is a particularly dirty bit of fleece and I’m working on some ways to get the VM out. Upcoming post on the process in the works.

Dorothy, aka Fiber Cat, is feeling much better and working to create her own special blend of Jacob/Dorothy yarns…

Blend ’em up…

Give it some twist…

Don’t you just love the ads for wool fiber/yarn from a “pet free” home. Who’s to say my sheep aren’t pets??

Little Mac (all grown up now – Patchwork Macaroon) loves scratches and minds better than Dave’s dog.

This guy (gal?) is a friend of mine. He/she lives under the water tank. Because of the slope of the land, the tank rests on a log on one side to keep the tank level, creating a cool damp toad home. Every time I change the water, he/she is there – getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER (and he/she minds better than Dave’s dog)


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6 Responses to Just another day…

  1. Alina says:

    When Alex was young we found a small toad and decided to keep her as a pet (figured out later on due to her size she MUST be a female – she was huge). We had her a few years and she ate baby mice…. yeah I know nasty, but she was going thru too many crickets. Her name was Bufo Bufo 🙂 And I do believe she was better behaved than most dogs…at least when we were home – perhaps she got rowdy when we were away?

  2. This is hilarious. I don’t know Dave’s dog, but can TOTALLY understand…for some sad reason ;-). I am so glad Dorothy is doing well!!! And toads rock.

  3. FarmGirl says:

    So I’m wondering what Dave’s dog has been up to to garner the slanderous remarks you made in your post. 🙂

  4. I was really curious about that toad – and I tried to identify it both from my Audubon Field Guide and the internet. .. without success!

    How large (in approx. inches) is it? Only four species of toads are commonly found in GA and this one seems not to be one of those.

    I found one of these last year and it was at least 4 to five inches from mouth to tailbone, but I never tried to “name” it.

    • I’m so high tech!! I just learned how to reply to comments. (hit the reply button – duh – but first I had to find the reply button). We see alot of the really dark toads in addition to the red ones. Not sure just what kind of toads they are. The one in the picture is about 4″ across. A smaller dark toad and a frog (and a zillion crickets) were also living under the water trough.

  5. This post truly goes from the sublime (Dorthy and Mac) to the ridiculous (Toady).

    That toad looks like cooled lava… perhaps it was actually spontaneous generation from magma. ?

    I’m settling down after a particularly wacky week-end. Came home Fri eve all hot, tired and sweaty – only to find I’d no water. @@%&?*(!&)!!!

    I took an outdoor shower with a bucket of rainwater stolen from Carol’s. Bliss.

    Had to haul about two hundred gallons of H2O for the horses Sat am, get to Tallulah by 10 am, then drive to Sautee in the deluge. At least the buckets and troughs that I’d dragged to the barn’s drip line were pretty full. Sun eve got someone to come and check the pump/well etc., and by 7 pm had water – and learned how many leaky hoses, drains and faucets I have.

    Took another outdoor shower with rainwater just because I could. (and I think I’m suffering from a new kind of hydro-phobia… fear of turning on the water faucets…)

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