New Arrivals

It’s been so long since I blogged that a blog post counts as something to advertise as Hey – New Arrival

But, we’ve some more exciting new arrivals here since my last blog post.

Rebecca The Llama joined us the end of July. She is a delightfully funny animal. Since I don’t have a trailer, but I have an elderly Ford Windstar mini-van, which has pretty much been converted to a livestock carrier, I thought we’d give it try to carry Rebecca home. She astounded us by loading up in less than a minute, laying down rather quickly, and riding home quite comfortably in the a/c, seeming to enjoy watching the sights. Unfortunately, to date, she has not yet decided to accept sheep as part of her herd. She is currently getting acquainted across the fence and I have hopes.

Patchwork Lacey is a yearling lilac ewe (Patchwork Belvedere x Painted Rock Kayleigh) who left here last year as a lamb. Circumstances made it necessary for her owner to disperse her flock and Lacey came home. I am delighted to have her back again.  The last picture I’d seen of Lacey was six months ago, when she had managed to get her head stuck and lost ALL her horns getting loose. I was a little nervous as to what I would see when she arrived! Her horns have come back nicely. She is a lovely, gentle girl and rejoined the flock with no fuss or muss.

4Horn Farms Dune , a four horned lilac ram (Canberra Constible x Spahr Farm Penelope) comes to use from Carl Fosbrink in Indiana.

Dune’s fleece is one of those that showed no crimp at birth, but developed bounce as the fleece grew.  Remember that the JSBA standard states “Fleece is a medium grade with an open character and soft springy handle”. See the spring developing?  Note the very obvious change in staple character from tip to butt. This is not unusual.

Kreutzer Farms Boyd (Rorschach Diablo x Kreutzer Farms Callie) comes to Patchwork from Kay Kreutzer in Nebraska. When I first saw this guy’s picture while working on Kay’s website, I had to have him!  So much for making money doing Jacob websites 🙂 He has a beautiful fleece, excellent horns, and that hard to define “Jacob presence”. I like him more every day.

New addition, Lacey, has her eye on the boys (left to right – Dune, Boyd, and homegrown Gabriel). It’s getting to be that time again, when breeding groups which have been put to paper for months become reality and the wait begins to see just how well my decisions work out. I’m already excited about lambing!!


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6 Responses to New Arrivals

  1. Sara says:

    Lacey looks great!! So happy to see her enjoying herself. 🙂

  2. You can keep those stinkin’ llamas. THEY scare me half to death ;-). Don’t really know why as I have horses that are bigger…

  3. Congrats on all of your new additions! Hopefully Rebecca figures out her job soon.

  4. Mary Tonkin says:

    Very handsome boys. I really like Boyd’s horns and head shape.

  5. Dune is really fabulous! Wow – He reminds me somehow of Praline… but with bigger horns, of course.

    And a llama? I caunt b’live me eyes!!

    She has a lovely face – irresistible eyes, and great ear tufts…

    • If Rebecca will just decide that sheep are her friends!
      Dune does have the same sort of look that Praline had. Dune is a grandson of Sir James – which makes him a cousin to Groucho, although through Hershey on his sire’s side and not through Praline.
      When are we are getting together for lunch? We can do my place on the cheap 🙂

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