Wildlife Photography

Between the rain, getting the garden in, and working to get another spinning order together, I just haven’t been carrying my camera around much.

Today was a beautiful sunny day and I took a break to see what I could of the local wildlife..

Sneaking through the savanna, I spotted what could have been a polar bear, but they are somewhat rare in this area. More likely it’s Bigfoot. If you don’t live in Rabun county, you probably don’t remember, but the national news covered the Rabun county Bigfoot sighting in 2008. Even a small town can be famous for 15 minutes.
Or it could be…..

Sam watching over his flock. Okay, my wildlife is not all that wild 🙂

Except maybe for….

Bela Lugosi. The cat with the sweet and sour personality – Jekyll and Hyde. I like her. She reminds me of me.

Charles is the cat with the sweet, sweeter, and double sweet personality…

He’s not real sure about Sarah, but is willing to be friends. Sarah says “Charles, that fleece will NEVER pass JSBA inspection!”


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  1. Cute post. Look at all of that grass!!! Are they making much of a dent in the areas you want them to?

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