A trip to the big city….

Okay, maybe not the really big city. Clarkesville, GA has a population of around 1700. But, it’s bigger than Tiger, with a population of 316. Clarkesville is one of my favorite northeast Georgia towns. Years ago the main highway went right through the center of town. When the four lane was built, the highway moved a few miles out, leaving the main street with a quiet small town charm.

It’s also where my dentist is and I like to spend a little time in Clarkesville when I’m there.

Clarkesville has the best library around, so that takes some time. Across from the library is a beautiful small park.There are log cabins, an old millinery shop, and a delightful garden.

I love this sort of cottage garden where it looks like everything just happened to grow naturally in just that spot (and with no weeds). My “cottage gardens” are casual affairs where plants do grow naturally and they are weeds, even if it doesn’t start out that way. I have little knack for flowers. Vegetables! I like vegetables! Pole beans have pretty flowers.

Now this I could grow! Does beer come in blue bottles?

After a visit to the library, the park, and lunch at the Mexican restaurant, I had the pleasure of visiting the new fiber mill in our area. It’s really exciting to have a fiber mill just 17 miles from home. Fleury Sheep and Wool is owned and operated by Jennifer and Jared Fleury. Jennifer was kind enough to rush over from her full time day job to give me a tour.  This woman really works!

The picker is on the right and it feeds the picked fiber into what looks like a huge shower stall. I imagine it’s quite a sight to open the door onto a full bin of picked wool!

This is the main machine – the carder which makes roving or batts. Fleury Sheep and Wool also includes a pin drafter and spinning jenny (do they still call them spinning jennies? well, it’s a machine that spins yarn)

It was a real treat to visit the mill and then have the chance to discuss in person what I’d like to do with my wool. There are so many possibilities and I’m excited about them all! Right now, we’re trying for a 3 ply sock yarn that will work on my circular sock machine. After that? Maybe a super bulky rug wool?

The fiber mill is located in the Old Clarkesville Mill. When we were first in Georgia, it was a functioning textile mill, but closed in 2001. The building was later renovated and is now the home of numerous businesses. I love seeing old buildings being put to use instead of being torn down or left to fall down.  It’s so fitting to have a fiber mill in the Old Mill. I was impressed by both the set up and Jennifer’s dedication to turning out a quality product. I know I’ll be taking more wool as I get it skirted and sorted!


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  1. Diane Waugh says:

    Just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog postings, and your photos are wonderful. Looking forward to the next!

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