Stuff I like….

I like the first spring flowers (especially this year with our late spring)..

I like shadows….

because that means you have sunshine 🙂

The following photos are of Jacob Sheep lambs. However, my comments have absolutely nothing to do with the JSBA standard or even with any accepted standard of beauty for Jacob Sheep.  Purely personal on every level here.

I like these very symmetrical spots.

I like this little teardrop marking.

I like this spooky ice blue eye in in a big black patch.

Now this boy, with his black legs and his slick black wool, has no future as a flock sire. He’s not a pretty Jacob, but….

breed standard aside, I like him. I like his slick, seal like coat, even though I don’t want to see it on my breeding stock and I like his upright “look at me attitude”. I like his funny personality. He thinks nothing of jumping in the water trough and even seems to like to swim. The trough has been modified, so his swimming days are over. Although, with his long legs, he has trouble fitting in a five gallon bucket, he still likes to sit in the feed bucket when he can. With his light, snake-like build, he manages to wiggle into the fence line hay feeder (a bull panel), walk between the panel and the fence for abit,  and then out the fence on the other side – or sometimes back on the same side of the fence. He’s just exploring. We’re talking a four inch space – this guy is compressible! Pancake is not destined to be a flock sire. He’s not a breeding quality Jacob. He’s a funny lamb and very pretty if you are judging him as a lamb, rather than as a Jacob lamb.  There is something about him that makes me laugh. I like him.


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7 Responses to Stuff I like….

  1. Jared Fleury says:

    I like your lamb shadow picture.

  2. Jacobs are VERY diverse and that includes fleece. Check out the allowed diversity in the JSBA standard. Pancake’s fleece is within the standard for JSBA. His fleece is not why he’s listed as pet/fleece/meat. Straight, no crimp, no stretch fleeces, fleeces with no well defined crimp – but with a 2:1 stretch factor – and crimpy fleeces with an obvious “wave” to the fleece have been seen in the breed for more than 20 years.

  3. FarmGirl says:

    Have you seen many fleeces like this in Jacobs? I wonder where it came from.

  4. I like your spots and your comments. I’d have picked those things out too :-).

  5. The slick black wool on his hind end (abit more crimp towards the front end) has no crimp at all at this time. I expect it to grow out like silky fine hair – like shiny alpaca. His fleece is not even overall. Celine’s horns are pretty nice 🙂

  6. I like his Dam’s horns, they are perfect. What does that slick black wool grow out to be like? His white looks very different than his black in the photo but it’s had to tell for sure. I like his look also.

  7. FarmGirl says:

    I would love to have him for his black fleece!!! I thought this when I first saw him in an earlier posting.

    The flower photo is brilliant! Great work!

    Happy Spring Linda!

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