Babies, babies, more babies..

I love this time of year. It’s so much fun to see what the stork brings us..

Painted Rock Kayleigh delivered twins by Unzicker Jedd – a ram, Gabriel…

Gabriel’s fleece is nice – open (see the pink skin showing through?), long, even, a little shiny, and with a gentle crimp..

His sister, Boka, has the same pretty fleece..

These twins are lilac carriers through their dam. One of them will stay here to add Jedd’s lines to my lilacs.

Patchwork Willa Lena, a first time mother, is the kind of ewe I love in my flock. She walked off yesterday afternoon and walked back a little while later with a pretty four horned lilac ewe following her!

Willa, on the left, shows off her daughter ( by Patchwork Zevon) to Nicollette.

Broken O Ruffles did darn well this morning, delivering a healthy pair of Belvedere twins.. a handsome four horned black/white ram….

and a pretty lilac ewe..

Not as cute, but just as welcome…

new grass coming up! Maybe it will be spring soon! I am ready.

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One Response to Babies, babies, more babies..

  1. Beautiful babies 🙂 The close-up of Gabriel’s fleece is so pretty. I love the picture of Willa with her daughter and Nicolette. Congratulations on your grass starting to pop up.

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