Itty bitty batts and itty bitty blog

When I have washed, carded, woven , dyed, crocheted, and spun as much as I can possibly do when getting ready for SAFF in October,  I relax and toss little bits of fiber/color that aren’t enough for my usual four ounce offerings onto the carder and card up itty bitty batts.

Grab a few chunks – lay on the feeder

Doff off and roll into a bird’s nest..

Gather up an assorted bunch and toss them in a bag to sell as “itty bitty batts”. They are fun to spin or felt.


Sometimes I start blog entries and there is never enough there for a complete blog entry. So this is an itty bitty blog entry.


It was free day at Tallulah Gorge Park on a rare sunny day when I was coming home from the dentist and passed by. I don’t have any problem with stuffed dead animals at the park museum. But, I gotta say … can you conceive of two squirrels busily eating acorns with a bear hovering over?

The park does have primitive trails and a really scary swinging bridge, but if your knees are bothering you..

walking on this stuff makes you feel like dancing.


I’ve created a monster ..

Dave has always refused to touch the computer until I told him about music on netflix and the Honeymooners on youtube.  Now I have to tell him to turn the computer off when he comes to bed.


Dorothy has a new bad habit of sleeping on our towels.


My 2/2/2/2 enchilada sauce

I love enchiladas and I hate giving leftovers to the dogs – they don’t mind. My new favorite recipe for leftovers is enchiladas. I pretty much always have flour and corn tortillas around or the ingredients to make them, but don’t stock up on canned sauces. This is my favorite “make do with what you have” sauce and it’s easy to remember.

2 tablespoons flour browned in
2 tablespoons oil (I use olive oil – it ups your hdl and I like it) with
2 tablespoons chili powder
cook and stir until browned a bit
2 cups chicken stock or
2 cups water with 2 tablespoons tomato paste

That’s it – unless you also want to add a bit of jalapeno pepper (keep jalapenos in the freezer and grate them as needed), some cilantro (also good to freeze and chop frozen)


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  1. Love the itty bitty bats!

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