Why I never get anything done………….

R & M Yarns had their annual clearance sale on odd lot wools. $2.50/lb for 3/22 if you buy 10 lbs. I use the 3/22 for rug warp and stock up every year. The yarn came Monday. I needed to move some yarns around to fit it on the shelf. So I decided I’d organize my yarns.

Put all the yarn in a pile on the floor to sort. I got to the wool/silk cones I’d bought for sock yarn on the CSM. It’s a nice yarn 65/35 wool/silk at 5400 yds/lb. Three strands work perfectly on the CSM and  it dyes well. “hmmm…this would be a great yarn to use as a core in core spinning.”  I have some nice purplish wool/silk/mohair batts that I think would work nicely to wrap. Beautiful!  But, I think I’d like to add a little firestar and silk. Climb on the step stool and get the firestar and silk. Then the black kid mohair.  And maybe a few orange locks for a little squiggle. I’m sure I have some blue roving around here somewhere. Look for that. And it would be inspirational to see what one of my books on novelty yarns has to say. I really want the Diane Varney book, Spinning Designer Yarns.  I find Fancy Yarns by Mabel Ross, Intertwined and Handspun Revolution by Lexi Bolger, but no Varney book. I look in a stack of magazines and find a bunch of cooking magazines – sit for awhile and read recipes. Check to see if I have the ingredients for a recipe that sounds good. Make grocery list. Find more old horse books to put in the box to send to Alina. Spin for awhile to see how the blue roving looks. Look for the Varney book again. Find a book on crocheted shawls. Read that for awhile. Go look for yarn that I think would be great for one of the patterns. Find some handspun singles and ply them to see how they’d look in a shawl. Find the Varney book. Read that for awhile. Try out some corespinning ideas. It’s time to feed sheep by this time. Gather up the yarn from the floor and put back on the shelf in the same willy-nilly order that I started with.

Boy, I’ve had a busy day – I’m exhausted!


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4 Responses to Why I never get anything done………….

  1. FarmGirl says:

    A fun glimpse into the working of a spinner’s mind!

  2. Shari says:

    Sounds like a great day to me!!!

  3. I am so glad I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂 Sounds like you enjoyed yourself!

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